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FTW Scotland Heated Kidney belt

Welcome to Feel The Warmth!

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Feel the Warmth is an innovative powered kidney warmer for elderly and disabled people. 

The powered kidney warmer helps individuals keep at a safe, warm temperature whilst at home and out and about. It has a number of health benefits such as effective pain relief, joint stiffness reduction, increased range of motion and enhanced white cell function.

Feel the Warmth is currently available as both a regular belt and cushion which keeps the wearer warm from a USB powerbank, delivering intrinsically safe and controllable heat.

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‘Life Saver! In March 2020 my 79 year old mother was unable to receive an MMR scan for ongoing back pain due to the COVID crisis. The kidney belt along with some simple pain relief was invaluable in getting my mothers pain relief under control and offered additional comfort until health services resumed to normal.” Mrs McKeever

During 2019 the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) Forensic Services Team trialled the Feel the Warmth heat belts.

Our Scene Examination staff, who work outwith the office, used the heat belts and noticed that they were able to work outside more comfortably for longer periods of time particularly maintaining heat in their hands and feet.

Staff reported generally felt better at the end of a shift with less stress on their body as a result of not feeling cold.

On the strength of this trial SPA Forensic Service purchased heat belts for all scene attending staff.

Amy - SPA Scotland

It wasn’t as though I felt any direct heat emanating from the Feel the Warmth belt at any point,

it was more that I realised at the end of a very cold day in the mountains on my bike that hadn’t at any point

experienced that deep down cold you get when you stop and start all the time.

My temperature had been regulated very subtly which is exactly what you want from a product like this.

Lee Craigie - Adventure Syndicate

I've had my FTW kidney warmer for two years now & it still works like new.

It's been a life saver when I've felt a Raynauds attack coming on, nipping it in the bud before it gets really bad.

As a keen gardener, I've got into the habit of putting the belt on about half an hour before I go out on a cold day.

The belt means that I can stay outdoors much longer than I would be able to without it. I love the thought that I get longer to soak up vitamin D & fresh air.

Best purchase I've made for my health, would be without it.

Marie Gray

FTW Scotland Heated Kidney Belt